What does Mattie mean in Dutch?

What is Mattie Dutch?

Etymology. From Sranan Tongo mati (“friend”), from Dutch maatje.

Who is a Mattie?

mattie in British English

(ˈmætɪ) a young herring with undeveloped roe. Collins English Dictionary.

What does Omar mean in Dutch?

oma Noun. oma, de ~ (v) (grootmoederopoegrootje) grandmother, the ~ Noun. granny, the ~ Noun. grandma, the ~ Noun.

How do you spell Mattie?

Mattie is a given name and nickname, used for people named Madison, Matthew, Martha, Madeline, Matilda, Emmett, Martie or Maitrayee.

Is Mattie a girl?

Mattie is a short form of Matthew (boy’s name) or Matilda (girl’s name).

Is Mattie a German name?

▼ as a name for girls (also used less generally as boys’ name Mattie) has its roots in Aramaic and Old German, and Mattie means “lady; mistress of the house; mighty in battle”. Mattie is an alternate spelling of Martha (Aramaic). Mattie is also a variant of Matilda (Old German).

How popular is the name Mattie?

Mattie ranked among the Top 1000 for boys a century ago, in the heyday of the nickname-name. Today, few parents would dream of putting it on the birth certificate, preferring it as a short form for the perennially-popular Matthew. Mattie is in the Top 1000 in the U.S. for girls.

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Is Oma and Opa Dutch?

– oma & opa: the most common Dutch words for ‘grandma‘ and ‘grandpa’ respectively.

What does Beppe mean in Dutch?

grandmother, grandma Coordinate term: pake.

What Omar means?

Meaning. “flourishing, long-lived” (Arabic), “wealthy and famous” (Germanic) Region of origin. Middle East. Omar/Umar or Omer/Umer (Arabic: عمر‎, Hebrew: עומר‎), is a masculine given Semitic name, which is represented in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions.

Is Maddie a unisex name?

The name Maddie is a girl’s name.

What is Maddie short for?

Maddy or Maddie is a shortened form of the feminine given names Madeleine, Madelyn, Madison, etc.

Is Kitty a nickname?

Kitty or Kittie is an Irish feminine given name, derived from Catherine or Katherine. It is also a diminutive form of Kathy, Katey, and Karen.