What is thank you in Pennsylvania Dutch?

What are some Pennsylvania Dutch sayings?

Features of Pennsylvania German influence

Pennsylvania Dutch English term Standard English term
Don’t eat yourself full. Don’t fill yourself up.
There’s cake back yet. There is cake to come.
It wonders me. It makes me wonder.
Spritzing Lightly raining

How do you say Merry Christmas in PA Dutch?

Frehlicher Grischtdaag! (That’s Merry Christmas in PA Dutch!)

Is Pennsylvania Dutch hard to learn?

CLASS. Pennsylvania Dutch, sometimes referred to as Pennsylvania German, is a language used by the Amish and Mennonites. It is similar to the German language but not identical. … Learning the language can be difficult because it is spoken by such a close knit group of people.

Can you catch a fly in PA Dutch?

I also dutifully memorized that mysterious phrase, “Kannst du Micka fange?” and its response, “Ja, wann sie hucke bliebe,” which loosely translates as “Can you catch flies? Yes, if they sit still.” If you’ve ever “called off” from work or said “they want rain,” you’re betraying the influence of the dialect.

How are you in Pennsylvania Dutch?

Useful Pennsylvania German phrases

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English Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch (Pennsylvania German/Dutch)
Welcome Willkumm
Hello (General greeting) Gude(r) Daag
How are you? Wie geht’s? (How it’s going?) Wie bischt du? (How are you today?) Wie bischt du heit? (How are you today?) Wie fiehlscht? (How do you feel?)

How do you say God bless you in Pennsylvania Dutch?

Gott segen eich. – God bless you.

How do you say cow in PA Dutch?

Today’s PA Dutch word of the day:

  1. “Heemet”= home. Pronounce this word like ‘hay-met’ …
  2. Yummy! “Pannhaas” = scrapple. …
  3. “Muddershof”= ewe, a female sheep. …
  4. “Rock”= dress. …
  5. “Kie”= cows. …
  6. “Gaarde”- garden. …
  7. “Blumme” = flowers. …
  8. “Shmit”= farrier.

Why do Amish always say once?

Once (Also Pronounced “Wonst”)

“Once” is probably the most-used throw-in word that you’ll hear from Amish and Mennonite speakers. … A lot of the time, you’ll hear this word used when someone is asking for some kind of small favor. In this context, “once” can also indicate that the asker is being polite.

What is Pennsylvania Dutch baby?

The “Dutch” is really German (think Pennsylvania Dutch), the “baby” comes from it’s original form as it was served small and made in metal pans. Not originally served with fruit, but with a squeeze of lemon and powdered sugar, it was more like a pancake.

What do Amish call their grandmother?

Amish Grandparents—Never Alone

Their new space is called a Dawdy Haus. (Dawdy is “grandpa” in Pennsylvania Dutch, and Haus is “house.”)