Where can I throw clothes away in Holland?

How do I dispose of clothes in the Netherlands?

Recycling other household items

  1. Textiles and shoes: You can recycle shoes, clothes, and some other textiles (although not bedding) at specialized containers, usually located near other recycling facilities. …
  2. Batteries: Many supermarkets and stores that sell batteries also provide recycling facilities (batterijenbak).

What do you do with old clothes in the Netherlands?

The best thing to do with clothes is to bring them to specific second-hand clothes shops. There will be several in each major city, usually associated with one charity or another. Try googling “doneer tweedehands kleding [your city]” and lots should pop up. Otherwise, there should be a textile recycling bin nearby.

How do I dispose of a mattress in the Netherlands?


Over-sized waste items (‘grofvuil’), such as an old couch, mattress or washing machine should be brought to the city dump or collection point (‘afvalspunten’). The location of the nearest dump site will be shown on the municipal website.

What is Statiegeld in Netherlands?

Deposit-refund system. Drinks can be bought in many supermarkets in different packaging types and sizes in the Netherlands. … Deposit is called in Dutch statiegeld. The case or bottle deposit will be added to the product price unless otherwise stated. Empties are usually read in via reverse vending machines.

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Where does Dutch waste go?

Thanks to its top-notch waste management structure, the Netherlands is able to recycle no less than 64% of its waste – and most of the remainder is incinerated to generate electricity. As a result, only a small percentage ends up in landfill. In the realm of recycling this is a country which is practically unique.

Does the Netherlands recycle plastic?

Plastic, by contrast, is cheap to make but expensive to reuse, and just over half the plastic packaging used in the Netherlands in 2018 was recycled. … And according to the European Environment Agency (EEA), the Netherlands is fourth in the EU in terms of recycling municipal waste, with 54% being recycled in 2019.

How do I dispose of electronics in Holland?

Waste drop-off centre: You can also dispose of your old or broken appliances at a waste drop-off centre. City farms: At all of The Hague’s city farms you can find an elektrobak where you can turn in small electrical appliances. More information can be found (in Dutch) on www.wecycle.nl .

Are clothes recyclable or garbage?

Why is your recycling bin the last place you should put your unwanted clothes? Because, unlike glass or cardboard, it’s not actually dealt with by recyclers. In fact, it’s a hazard to them –fabrics get caught in sorting machines at recycling facilities.

What to do with old blankets?

7 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old Blankets

  1. Keep Them For Camping. Yeah, we agree that this might not have some elements of creativity as you would have expected, but it’s a prudent way to reuse your old blankets. …
  2. Make Animal Beds. …
  3. Save For Picnic. …
  4. Make A Curtain. …
  5. Make A Cookware Pad. …
  6. Make Tote Bags. …
  7. Use As Rags.
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