Why Kuttanad is called Netherland of Kerala?

Why Kuttanad is called Netherlands of Kerala?

Kuttanad is an expanse of water-logged land lying below sea level. … Kuttanad bears strong resemblance to Holland in terms of geographical features. Three rivers – the Pamba, the Manimala and the Achankovil – crisscross this region popularly called ‘The Rice Bowl’ of Kerala, before flowing into the Vembanad Lake.

What is Kayal cultivation?

The only system in India that has been practicing rice cultivation below sea level since the past 2 centuries. … The rice fields, which are popularly known as “Puncha Vayals” exist in three landscape elements: Karapadam (upland rice fields), Kayal (wetland rice fields) and Kari (land buried with black coal like materials).

How kuttanad got its name?

The region of Kuttanad, according to legend was once a forested area, which later got destroyed by a forest fire, thus giving it the name Chuttanad or the burnt place. In course of time Chuttanad is said to have become Kuttanad.

What does Kuttanadan mean?

Kuttanad is a name given to a region in Kerala. And is famous for rice fields. Punja is a season of Paddy farming when referred to in ‘time’. Here it means a paddy in the season of punja. But you can take the normal meaning as ‘a rice field of Kuttanad’

Which places are below sea level?

North America

# Name Country
1 Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California United States
2 Bombay Beach, California United States
3 Salton Sea Beach, California United States
4 Desert Shores, California United States
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