Your question: Is Holland on the green list UK?

Which countries are on the green list for UK?

Green list countries and territories

Green list Green watchlist and upcoming changes to the green list
St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Taiwan Green watchlist – at risk of moving from green to amber.
Turks and Caicos Islands Green watchlist – at risk of moving from green to amber.

Is Holland on the amber list?

The Netherlands is currently on the amber list, and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advises against all but essential travel to the destination based on the current assessment of Covid risks.

Are the Dutch allowed to travel to the UK?

Can I travel to the UK from the Netherlands? At present, the Netherlands is on the UK’s amber list, meaning travel is allowed with a negative coronavirus test. Travellers vaccinated in the EU no longer need to go into quarantine.

Is Albufeira on the green list?

No, they remain the same in line with other amber list countries. The Government warns that in Portugal, tests have to be booked in advance and paid for in full. It can take up to 24 hours for the results to be returned.

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Is Holland on the green?

The Netherlands didn’t make the green list, along with the majority of Europe. The country is instead on the amber list. This means you will need: A negative test taken before returning to the UK.

Do you have to quarantine in Netherlands?

You must self-quarantine for 10 days if you travel to the Netherlands after staying in an area where the risk of coronavirus infection is very high. This quarantine requirement applies even if you have proof of vaccination (until 21 September inclusive) or proof of recovery.

Is Tenerife on the green list?

Given its popularity, many people are asking: Is Spain on the Green List for the UK? The bad news is that it isn’t. Spain is currently on the Amber list – as are its Canary Islands (including Gran Canara and Tenerife) and the Balearic Islands (including Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera).

Is Holland on the exempt list?

An EU entry ban is in effect for people from countries outside the European Union. This means they are not allowed to enter the EU or the Schengen area and therefore the Netherlands. There are exemptions to the entry ban.

Are clubs open in Amsterdam coronavirus?

Nightclubs and discos are allowed to open until midnight. Here, too, visitors need a valid coronavirus entry pass. You have to wear a face mask at the airport, on aircraft, trains, trams, buses, metros and in taxis. In stations and on platforms you do not need a face mask.

Is Barcelona on the green list?

Unfortunately not. Popular destinations for tourists from England, including France, Greece, Spain and Italy, remain on the amber list. The list includes the majority of Europe, as well as the US and Canada.

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