Your question: Who won the voice Holland 2012?

Why is Anouk not on the voice?

Anouk originally signed to coach two seasons, but decided to skip the following season due to her pregnancy, therefore was replaced by Waylon in season 7.

Did Marc floor win The Voice?

At 11 years old, Silver Metz won season 8 and received a €25,000 scholarship. Dax Hovius won the Voice kids in the ninth season and won a total of 25,000 euros.

Series overview.

First aired 2 Apr 2021
Last aired 4 June 2021
Runners-up Marc Floor ten Brinke
Soufiane Soussan
Winning coach Ali B

Who began the voice?

The Voice (franchise)

The Voice
Created by John de Mol Jr. Roel van Velzen
Original work The Voice of Holland
Owner Talpa Media (until 2019) ITV Studios (2019–2021)
Films and television

Who won the voice Belgium 2020?


Season Season 1 (2014) Season 5 (2020)
Coaches Natalia K3
Regi Penxten Laura Tesoro
No fourth judge Gers Pardoel
Winner Mentissa Aziza Gala Aliaj
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