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Utrecht by Boat

Utrecht by Boat

On June 20, 2001 our friends, Ron and Brigid Barnes invited my friend, Shirley and I to cruise on the canals in Utrecht. The weather was perfect with the sun overhead most of the day. Utrecht is one of my favorite cities in Holland and it was fun seeing it from the perspective of the canals.

They were moored along a lovely part beside the Catharijne-singel and our tour took us around the edge of Utrecht and up through the center where the restaurants, warehouses and homes are right on the lower level at the canal.

The map here shows our route with the little boat where we started. The bridges we passed under are in green and a few of the points of interest that we took photos of are in red. I'll include the map with the boat (and an arrow) changed to a new position so that you can see where we are as you accompany us on our tour.

Ron has since sold this boat, but I cherish the photos I have from this wonderful trip.

The next page starts our tour of the canal through Utrecht, a beautiful and historic city in the center of Holland.

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